While  It is best to use a DX spot site that is based in your country

                 or continent, checking out worldwide sites may give you a better

                 insight into what DX is popping up where.  Here are some great

                 places to start:


                 XE1BEF DX SPOTS   A far better collection of DX spots than mine.(Mexico)

                         DX CENTRAL  One of the best.  Sign up & get logged in!

                         DX SUMMIT  Finnish hams run this site.                                 

                         E-Ham.net  Good spots.  You can get DX spots e-mailed to you.

                DX Packetcluster  Specializes in packet cluster DX spots.

                HamCall.net   Great site.  A little cluttered, but great info.

                HamDX.com   Awesome DX spots. 

                Heartland DX Assn.   DX spots laid out by band and mode.

                Japan DX Clusters   Top 250 Japanese spots. (By JA's)

                DXer.com  Excellent DX spot site!  Broken down by band.

                DX Summit   Great DX spots out of Finland.

                Ham Awards.com  In addition to ham awards...GREAT DX spots.

                DX4WIN DX SPOTS  Good source of EU spots from Germany.

                Xcorder DX   Great DX spots from the UK, including VHF/UHF!

                K1DWU.net  Good source of additional DX spot sites.

                AC6V.com   Great source of many DX packet cluster nodes.

                W3KWH DX/DX   Plenty of DX spots by bands, and other spot links.

                N6MM DX SPOTS  Stateside DX spots, by band; last 250 spots.

                HAM GALLERY.com  Full list of international DX spot sites.            





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