"                                                                                          "What the heck is the Triple H Net?"  Good question, because it's not an obvious

                                                                        answer.  The  "Triple H Net" as it is known, was named for it's founder, Hank

                                                                       Greenberg.  The idea was to have a 40M late night net where hams could get a

                                                                       "helping hand" in working all states and contacting dx.



                                                                        There are over 900 hams who have earned their Triple H Net Worked All States

                                                                        over the years, and countless hams who have worked the last few on their ARRL

                                                                        WAS list.  Many check in because of the skill and "professionalism" of the

                                                                        amateurs who take part, others stay with the net year after year

                                                                        because of the close camaraderie of those who participate.



                                                                        While there may be purists who scoff at nets, the Triple H Net has long been one

                                                                        of the most respected of HF nets.  If your work schedule dictates you are up late,

                                                                        you have regular insomnia, or just love the night owl life...the Triple H Net is your

                                                                        kind of net.



                                                                       Since their website has all the details, and any further explanation from me would

                                                                       be redundant, just click on the logo below to take you directly to the site.



                                                                       See you on the Triple H Net!  











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