International Short-Wave Broadcasting is one of the oldest forms of radio.  In the 

                    days before the internet, you had to buy an expensive receiver, build and erect an

                    antenna, and study radio signal propagation.  Not anymore.



                    Here are RockRadio1's International TOP SHORT-WAVE PICKS!












                      In the light of recent events following The September 11th Tragedies, here are a listing

                     of international short-wave stations that will give you vastly varying reports of world

                     events.  Many nations use short-wave to disseminate propaganda, so consider the 

                     source in some cases.    


                            Radio Austria International


                            Radio Australia


                            Radio Bahrain 


                            Radio Minsk, Belarus


                            All India Radio


                            Radio Iran


                            Kol Israel


                          Radio Jordan


                           Radio Kuwait 


                           Radio Norway


                           Radio Pakistan


                           Voice of Russia (Radio Moscow)


                          Radio Ukraine 


                          Armed Forces Radio & Television Network











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