HINT #5:  "The Effects Of 9-11On Your Job Search"



            The effects of September 11th on the radio industry have been massive.  Some

            stations have not only put off plans of hiring new staff for their openings, but have

            laid off/fired more people, and have picked up the pace on voice tracking even

            more of their dayparts.  Scared by the slow-down in the economy, major radio

            groups especially have been more apt to make do with what human resources they

            already have, than to fill bona fide openings with new people.



            In the days since the terrorists struck, there has been a 65% drop in "Openings"

            listings on "allaccess.com".  Other jobs sites (that you will find listed on this site in

            the JOBS section) report up to a 75% drop in new job opening ads.  This is very

            disheartening if you are out there right now...on the beach...and looking for a new




            How long will this last?  No one knows....but it's not forever.



            If you follow the stock markets, things are already starting to look up.  The President

            is bugging Congress to do the things that rekindle a lagging economy. 



            The problem is that (especially with the mega-owners), they won't hire quality people

            to fix the dayparts where the numbers are dragging until they are really hurting.  

            Even then, the option of having an out of market person voice track it, or just have

            another in-house talent voice track it are cheaper than hiring a new air talent.  For 

            mornings?: Throw up a satellite dish and go syndication.  Sound dismal?  There is

            hope...as well as some smaller companies that still believe in local, quality, LIVE 

            air talent.



            Do not give up.  Do not lose heart.  Keep pluggin'!



            Best thing to do is find something outside of radio to provide a paycheck, and at

            the same time, be sending out packages to the ads that DO pop up that interest




            One kind word of advice.  It's really easy to see an ad for a job that you know in 

            heart you are over qualified for, and probably wouldn't take if offered, but your

            are discouraged...and just want a call-back, and send a package anyway...... 



            Don't do it. 



            You may GET that call-back....and you may take a BAD gig, just because you are

            freaking out and a little desperate.



            Other effects of 9-11:  How you mail your package.



            With the anthrax scare, most all media outlets are downright paranoid about mail

            and opening packages.  I don't blame them for being cautious.  Follow these basic

            guidelines, and you won't scare the living crap out of the recipient:



                      * Use Priority Mail at the U.S. Post Office

                      * Clearly mark your package with your return name and address

                      * Even add "Any questions about this package, call (your phone number)"

                      * Put "RE: Your ad in R&R", or "RE: Your ad on All Access", i.e. some

                         where under your return address.



            If you can, e-mail the PD in advance that your package is inbound, and include your

            name in the e-mail.  Anything that keeps the bomb squad out of the station mail room

            about your package is a positive thing.



            Also, expect mail to continue to run slow for awhile.  Three day Priority mail may not

            necessarily be three days for awhile, especially if you don't live anywhere near a 

            major airport.



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